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~~~Investing in yourself is the best outlay you will ever make. It will not only improve your pregnancy and birth experience; it will improve the experience of your partner, your child and all those around you~~~


~ Mother Love Package ~


Deposit - $200

Payment plan - $225 per fortnight for 16 fortnights

A personalized care service for you and your partner through pregnancy, birth and your first 6 weeks of parenthood. We will get to know each other well during our 3 x 3hr pregnancy appointments and will focus on your unique needs. 

Pregnancy appointments include:

- Information and education on self care during pregnancy

- Education on the physiology of birth including the important role of hormones, birth skills and comfort measures and how to increase confidence

-Education on optimal foetal positioning for birth

​-Debriefing any previous birth experiences

-Identifying your values for birth through guided meditation, art and journalling

-Creating a 'circle of support' and written birth plan for yourself and your care providers

-Identifying the tools you will most benefit from using for your birth

Deb and I share being on call for you from 36 weeks until birth. Depending on who is on call at the time your labour begins, you will have one of us by your side, as needed, throughout labour until you are comfortably settled with your new baby. The beauty of our partnership is that we can relieve each other if labour is long!


I will attend your home for 6 x 3hr postpartum support visits during the first four to six weeks to assist you with feeding, settling, bonding, physical and emotional self care and to debrief your birth experience. At one of these visits, Deb will also be there to give you a divine postpartum full body KaHuna massage to ease your aches and pains and have you feeling nurtured and relaxed.

At each pregnancy appointment and at the postpartum debrief visit, we can include on request a relaxing 30 min shoulder/foot massage with essential oils or a reiki treatment. During pregnancy, reiki assists with ailments such as morning sickness, back aches and excessive tiredness, plus enhance bonding between mother and child. Reiki can also be given while you labour to enhance the natural flow of birth. Afterwards it has been known to speed healing.

Also included in all packages is:


-a wholesale doTERRA membership, this will enable you to purchase exquisite, therapeutic grade essential oils and products at 25% off the retail price. Valued at $35. 

-a petal diffuser to support your growing family's health. Valued at $58

-a custom made essential oil roller. Valued at $25.

-ongoing 'life doula' support with your oils 

~ Golden Month Package ~ 


Deposit - $200

Payment plan - $262.50 per fortnight for 16 fortnights

The ultimate postpartum health immersion package! Enjoy the benefits of all of our birth preparation and recovery doula services:


- all the benefits of the "Mother Love" Package 

- a triple ayurvedic meal package 


A supreme investment into your future health as you grow your family. Allow yourself to be treated like a queen for your golden month.

Optional add ons:

- a divine pregnancy or postpartum KaHuna massage

- a healing and rejuvenating postpartum Yoni Steam session

- an ayurvedic meal package 

- henna body art to celebrate your beautiful bump

- blessingway ceremony hosting

3 hour Postpartum doula support visits
$255 each ~

For families who would benefit from an extra pair of hands around the house after their baby is born. I will come to your home for a 3 hour visit to support you with the following services:

-Emotional support
-Feeding and settling support
-Light cleaning such as dishes, clothes washing and sorting, vaccuming, mopping, dusting, tidying
-Meal preparation
-Running errands
-Foot and shoulder massage, Reiki

-Essential oil advice
 For information on the benefits of the tradition the 'forty days of rest' or 'golden month' after birth, below is a a lovely short introduction:



When I first met with Kellie, I knew immediately she was going to be the doula for me. Her eyes spoke of a calm and gentle person, and I didn’t realise how true it was until she helped attend the birth of our daughter.

In the lead up to the birth Kellie provided amazing information and resources. She helped put together a birth plan which was highly valuable as it let my partner and I prepare and be able to make informed decisions if needed during labour & birth. Along the way she listened to me, she reassured me and supported me so that I could have trust in myself and my body.

She was attentive and encouraging with word and action throughout the entire labour. This was the biggest help for me, through the wonderful techniques to help ease contractions, to the beautiful essential oils & essences she would offer at different stages, to the powerful words of support. Kellie definitely holds a calm, loving and positive space for your birthing journey.

I cannot thank Kellie enough, she helped me welcome my baby girl with confidence and joy. I would highly highly recommend Kellie to any mumma who is looking for a beautiful support person. 


Tegan, first time mum

“I would love to thank Kellie for her unconditional love and support. Not only was she my doula, she was there for my husband and son. Kellie made some amazing ayurvedic meals with ingredients perfect for healing and nourishing, simple and easy to heat and eat for mother post birth. Thank you for your open arms and open heart.”

Kerri, second time mum

I had a wonderful experience with Kellie. She came to my blessingway and did some beautiful henna art on my belly then some smaller pieces on the hands/feet for my guests. They were all beautifully done and I miss mine already.
I'm so glad she was a part of such a special day and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her in the future.

Amy Banson, bereavement doula and placenta encapsulator 


*One of my clients wrote this hilarious story about her fast VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), in it she describes the specific things I was able to support her with during her birth. To read it, see here:

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