32 meals (equates to $7.50 each) = choose one from each section (1 batch of 12 breakfasts, 1 batch of 10 soups, one batch of 10 hearty meals)

Single meal package

  • Single Meal Package:

    Your choice of 1 batch of breakfast +

    1 batch of soup +

    1 batch of hearty meal = $200

    Equates to 32 meals @ $6.25 each

    *All meals are packaged individually in compostable snaplock bags and frozen on the day they are cooked

    ​*All meals are easy to reheat in the saucepan with just one hand once defrosted. They can be eaten with a bowl and spoon, or from a mug while holding  your baby. A keep cup is a great way to serve the smooth soups!

    *All meals are gluten free except for Semolina, Date and Almond Halva and Vegetables in Almond Sauce with Barley. The barley can be substituted with quinoa or basmati rice, the semolina can be substituted with buckwheat or rice porridge

    *All meals are egg free

    *Dairy and lactose intolerances can also be accommodated for

    *We use as many local and organic ingredients as we can source at the time