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Your choice of 

27 breakfasts +

27 soups +

27 hearty meals = $607.50 

Equates to 81 meals @ $7.50 each


*All meals are packaged individually in compostable snaplock bags 

  and frozen on the day they are cooked

*Easy to reheat in the saucepan with just one hand once

  defrosted. They can be eaten with a bowl and spoon, or from a mug

  while holding  your baby. A keep cup is a great way to serve the smooth soups!


*All meals are gluten free except for Date and Almond Halva 

  and Vegetables in Almond Sauce with Barley. 

*An ingredients list will be sent to you on delivery day, or in advance on request


*All meals are egg and soy free

*We use organic ingredients

Triple meal package

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